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From Kenya. By Kenyans.

Jamii originates from Kiswahili, the language of East Africa, and it means Community. The importance of Community ties Kenyan people together giving purpose to growth, development, and wealth creation. It is in the spirit of Community and the sense of social responsibility that Jamii Coffee was founded.

We are ...

Kenyan Coffee Trade Reimagined

Many specialty coffee roasters enjoy Kenyan coffee but find its trade complex, opaque and disconnected. This disconnect impacts the livelihood of more than 6 million people employed in the Kenyan coffee industry. Through a Kenya Ground Up approach Jamii Coffee is reimagining Kenyan coffee trade by:

Providing Farm ...

Numbers Speak For Themselves

  • +2,800 small scale farmers
  • +6 years in Kenyan coffee trade
  • +200,000 lbs. of coffee traded

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We understand that trying a new coffee can be a bit of a risk, which is why we're happy to offer free 100g samples of our coffee. 

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